Create, enhance and preserve
great trail experiences for
mountain bikers across Europe.


27 August 2017 to 31 August 2017
15 September 2017 to 16 September 2017

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Through political lobbying, the formation of national land management partnerships and grassroots leadership, IMBA is the voice of mountain bikers worldwide.


Each year, IMBA’s members construct hundreds of kilometers of sustainable, fun singletrack and volunteer more than one million hours to improve trails or open new ones.


IMBA is dedicated to protecting our public lands and enjoying them by mountain bike. Preserving the land and riding respectfully are ways to ensure that trails will be open to mountain bikers for years to come.


IMBA brings mountain bikers together to celebrate our sport. Passion for riding fuels our advocacy and trailbuilding efforts. We do it all for one reason: the ride.

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